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Some of the productions with which Charles has been involved:

  • The Blue Planet: Seas of Life - BBC / Discovery Channel - Emmy Award winner
  • Planet Earth: Shallow Seas - BBC / Discovery Channel
  • Supernatural: Time Warp - BBC Wildlife on One
  • White Shark, Deep Trouble - National Geographic Television
  • Sensitive Sharks - BBC Wildlife on One
  • Air Jaws - Discovery Channel
  • Smart Sharks: Roboshark - BBC / Discovery Channel
  • African Penguin: Cool Bird in a Hot Spot - BBC Wildlife on One
  • Das Grosse Fressen (Natal Sardine Run) - German Television
  • Sardine Festival - Discovery Channel - Award at the 29th Festival Mondial de Image Sous Marine, Antibes, France, 2002
  • Be the Creature - National Geographic Television
  • L'Oceanografic Aquarium - French Television
  • Shark Coast aka Oceans Apart - BBC Natural World
  • Massive Nature: The Deep - BBC Natural World - Winner of the Jules Verne Award de la meilleure realisation, 2005
  • John Lydon (Johnny Rotten): Shark Attack - Channel Five, UK.
  • Planet Carnivore: Oceans - National Geographic Television
  • The Deep Blue - Big screen version of The Blue Planet

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